What are the feeding techniques for nursing sows?

- May 25, 2018-

The feeding techniques of nursing sows mainly include the following points:

(1) Daily feeding amount: The daily feeding amount of suckling sow should reach 5-7 kg, and it should be increased or decreased according to the above-mentioned nutritional requirement characteristics when feeding.


(2) The supplementation of 10 kg of green feed can replace 1 kg of concentrate but the green material cannot be fed too much, and hygiene should be guaranteed.


(3) The feed should not be changed casually, and the quality of the feed should be good. It is not possible to feed any moldy or deteriorating feeds, and feed frozen feeds, pungent odors, feed containing toxic ingredients, etc.


(4) Ensure adequate supply of clean drinking water.


(5) 30%~50% reduction of sows with good body condition 3 to 5 days before childbirth. After 3 days, the dry powder is resumed and gradually reaches more than 4.5 kg. After 1 week, the sow can be fed completely.


(6) The daily feeding frequency of nursing sows can be adjusted to 3 to 4 times to maintain their appetite; fat can be added to the feed to reduce the above-mentioned amount.