What are the installation and precautions for the broiler nipple drinking system?

- Mar 22, 2019-

The broiler house with the nipple drinking system should be smooth and level. If the ground is not flat, always adjust the unevenness. The slope from the end of the house to the other end is preferably no more than 10 cm. If the ground from one end of the house to the other is more than 10 cm, it is best to divide the nipple drinking system into several sections and add a water pressure regulator to each section. To regulate the pressure of the water.

The water pressure regulator should be installed at the higher end of the waterline from the ground, which can reduce the occurrence of air-plugging in the waterline. We must pay special attention to the level of the ground below the waterline when rinsing the house.

When starting to use the nipple drinking system, the nipple drinking water system water pressure regulator should be raised 5 cm at one end for a few seconds, so that the air in the pipe can be drained with water. Do not grab the water pressure regulator directly when raising the end of the water pressure regulator. This will easily break the plastic tube of the water pressure regulator. Instead, use a metal pad under the water pipe or use the slide bar to raise the water line.

Check if the water line nipple leaks. You can observe the water meter after turning off the light at night, and judge each water line one by one.