What are the main products of the pig farm automatic feeding line and feeding equipment?

- Jun 18, 2019-

The pig farm automatic feeding line feeding equipment mainly includes: material tower, power box, control box, pipeline, chain and so on. It can be applied to fattening pig houses, pregnancy home positioning bars, nursery houses, delivery rooms, sow free-range electronic feeding stations, and breeding pig measuring equipment. In the positioning bar, the dosing cup and the blanking system are used for blanking, and the other three can be used for blanking.


The automatic feeding equipment is composed of a feed tower, a conveying line, a power system, a control system and the like. The power box is started, the motor drives the conveying line to run in the pipeline, and the feeding line takes a cycle around the inner troughs inside the housing, and finally returns to the feeding tower.

A feed opening is opened in the pipeline above each trough. When the feed line drives the feed in the feed tower to run in the pipeline to the discharge port, the feed will flow down the discharge pipe to the trough. There is a level sensor in the last trough. When the last trough is full, the level sensor will transmit the information to the control system. The control system will cut off the power, the power box will stop working, and the feeding process will be completed.