What are the points of equipment selection for large-scale pig farms?

- May 04, 2018-

1, According to the stage of each herd, the back-up pig and boar herd are suitable for small unit dispersal, using normal feeding equipment and environmental control equipment.

2, Nursery pigs can be managed in a high bed, fed by dry and wet feeders and fed by automated feed lines. It is more important for nursery homes to be heated. Ventilation equipment and heating equipment must be matched. It is best to use environmental control equipment according to the Temperature, ammonia concentration, to achieve automatic temperature control, to ensure that the environment of the nursery home is optimal.

3, The construction of finishing pig houses uses full leakage. The excrement pressure of the whole farm is at the stage of finishing pigs, in order to reduce the problem of excrement cleaning. The feed line uses feed line + wet and dry feeders. Free-feeding helps increase the growth rate of finishing pigs and reduces the labor intensity of workers.

4, With the use of disinfecting spray devices, the piggery is now equipped with a spraying device, which is especially effective in the summer months. It can effectively reduce the temperature of the pigsty and can also be used to disinfect pig houses.

5, To set up a separate monitoring and display control room, the whole site is equipped with a monitoring system, which is connected to all the control systems of the farm. In the control room, the equipment data of the farm can be viewed at a distance. In the control room, images, data, operations, etc. All aspects can control the farm, demonstrate and operate. Realize the modern management of pig farms.

Pig dry wet automatic feederpig dry wet automatic feeder.JPG