What are the quality problems that are likely to occur in pig drinkers?

- Jun 10, 2019-


Leaking water. The problem of water leakage is a common problem in pig drinking fountains. Among them are the quality problems of the drinking fountains themselves, and the water leakage caused by poor water quality and poor water quality.

The amount of water is small. Contrary to water leakage, many users generally report that the water in the drinking fountain is too small and the pigs drink enough water. The national standard is 2 standard water pressures, and the water output should be greater than 2 liters per minute. Many manufacturers do not test this at all to reduce costs.

Drinking water stress. When the drinking fountain is out of water, the pressure is too high, and the water is easily splashed out. The drinking water stress on the pigs will seriously cause the pig to die.