What are the structures and usage principles of the cup-type drinker for pigs?

- Sep 09, 2019-

The structure and use principle of pig cup drinker

Pig cup drinker can automatically adjust the water level, which is beneficial to pigs. It is made up of cup, metal valve, rubber valve, washer, nut, grid cover, drinking fountain core, bracket, valve stem, spring, drinking fountain tube. Body, bolt and other structural components.

The cup-type drinker is automatically adjusted. When the water level is lower than the water outlet, the system automatically replenishes the water. When the water level is higher than the water outlet, the water supply is stopped, so that the water level of the drinker is always at a certain water level, so as to avoid the increase of sewage volume caused by pig water.

The use of the device solves the problem that the traditional drinking fountain is wasteful and the amount of sewage is large during the aquaculture and use process of the drinking fountain. The water dispenser is automatically adjusted and controlled to achieve the purpose of saving water and reducing the amount of polluted water. The equipment has become a modern one. Important breeding equipment that is indispensable for pig farms.