What are the types of poultry drinkers? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

- Mar 22, 2019-

The water line is divided into different systems according to different ways of drinking water: nipple drinking system, automtaic plasson drinker, trough drinker. Each of the three types of drinker has advantages and disadvantages.

Nipple drinking system

Advantages: Fully sealed waterline to ensure fresh water supply. Clean, eliminate external pollution and reduce the incidence of disease. It is good for drying the air in the house, reducing mold growth and improving the environment inside the house.

Disadvantages: There are a large number of installations. For example, adding some chemicals in the nipple drinking water system is easy to cause chemical reaction with electrolytes, vitamins, drugs, etc., causing nipple blockage.

The management of the nipple drinking system is more difficult than the traditional open system, and the loss of management of the nipple drinking system is much greater than that of the traditional open system. If the nipple drinking system is poorly managed, it usually causes a reduction in the production level of broilers.

Automatic plasson drinker

Advantages: easy to use and install, less use, easy to add medicine, easy to clear the blockage. Chickens are convenient to drink and generally do not cause difficulty in drinking water;

Disadvantages: Drinking water is easy to be polluted, and it takes more labor to clean every day.

Trough drinker

Advantages: cheap investment;

Disadvantages: It is impossible to control the water level of the sink, and it is easy to sprinkle water when the chicken grabs the water.