What do you know about the nipple drinker for laying hens?

- Jan 15, 2019-

Nipple drinkers are very common in current farming processes. But when to start using it, and the problems that need attention in use, some new farmers may not be too clear. Let's learn about this knowledge today.


First, the age of use: 7 days old began to gradually transition from the 1.5 liter drinking fountain to the use of nipple drinkers, 10 days old all use nipple drinkers.

Second, the purpose and effect: the correct use of the water line can ensure that the chickens drink clean water at all times. At the same time, it can reduce the leakage of the waterline, effectively avoid the fermentation caused by the excessive moisture of the feces, and generate too much harmful gas to pollute the air in the chicken house. It can also reduce the humidity in the house, keep the house in good sanitary conditions, prevent the growth and spread of pathogenic microorganisms, and ensure the normal growth and production of the flock. It can also extend the service life of the nipple drinking line, save expenses and improve economic benefits.

Third, the installation requirements of the nipple waterline: Before installation, the inner and outer surfaces of the waterline pipeline are required to be clean and non-staining, and the nipple is sensitive and non-blocking. The meter is accurate. After installation, the water line is flat and the height is suitable. The joints are tightly connected and the water level gauge is clearly legible. Connect the drain to the end. The high pressure valve and the drain valve are flexible and reliable. A water receiving cup (consistent direction) is installed under each nipple. The lift is sensitive and the dosing device (piston/pressure tank). The filter is fully equipped and reliable.

Fourth, the data requirements of each period:

Growth period water level height chicken head and water line angle drinking position (units / nipple)

Brooding period (0-3 weeks) 10cm 45° 15-20

Breeding period (4-21 weeks) 20cm 45° 12-14

Laying period (22-65 weeks) 30cm 70° 8-10