What is a chicken nipple drinker?

- Jan 15, 2019-


The nipple drinker is suitable for cages in chickens and is also suitable for flat feeding. Divided into three categories: spherical, tapered, and flat seal.

This method of drinking water saves water and keeps the water clean and reduces the chance of disease transmission. The nipple drinker uses the capillary principle to keep a drop of water on the bottom of the stem. When the chicken is dripping, the valve stem is activated to open the valve, and the water automatically flows out for drinking. Usually, the pressure of the water supply system on the top of the valve body is pressed against the valve seat to prevent water leakage.

This type of drinking water has strict requirements on the water source. When there are impurities in the water, it is easy to cause water leakage. The scale formed when the water is too hard can also cause the nipple to leak.