What is a cow rubber mat? What's the effect on cows?

- Jul 02, 2018-

Because of the cow's dung on the ground, the cows are easy to skid and split. In order to prevent cows from slipping and snaking, according to the physiological characteristics of the anatomical structure of the cow's limbs and feet, the rubber mats is laid on the cow's walking ground and the cow's bed. It can prevent falls and frogs caused by slippery ground, and it can prevent foot and foot disease caused by standing on hardened ground for a long time. As a result, the elimination of cows caused by limbs and feet can reduce the useful life of dairy cows.


Features of rubber cow mat: 

Easy to install, strong and durable; easy to clean, inhibit bacteria; moderate hardness, wear resistance, non-slip; to strengthen the health of cows, reduce disease; improve cow comfort, increase milk production, and save costs.

Rubber mat function: 

Protect the knee joint and prevent slipping.

Surface: The surface has a non-slip pattern.

Elasticity: Not particularly soft, but not as hard as cement, flexible like a natural grassland, so cows can be fully protected on the knees, whether standing or lying in bed, and have anti-slip functions.