What is the cleaning of the water line in the poultry farm?

- Jun 10, 2019-

The main composition of scale in chicken farm waterline is a mixture of bacterial biofilm, drug residues and algae. The obvious harm of these dirt is blocking the waterline, resulting in uneven drinking water. The invisible harm of dirt is the pollution of drinking water. In particular, bacterial biofilm will cause Escherichia coli and other pathogenic microorganisms in drinking water to exceed the standard, resulting in a high incidence of poultry, especially refractory intestinal diseases, which will affect the healthy growth of poultry.

At present, the best clean water line on the farm is a water-based silver oxide ion composite cleaning agent, because the hydrogen peroxide silver ion composite solvent can peel off the dirt on the inner wall of the water line and decompose it, and can be disinfected. Drinking water, hydrogen peroxide is decomposed into oxygen and water, and no toxic residues. Silver ions are beneficial ions of biological tissues and can be normally metabolized. Currently, products on the market are mixed. When choosing, try to choose food grade products that have passed the IFS International Food Standard certification. In addition, the product you should choose, not irritating and odor-free, does not affect the normal drinking water of poultry.