What is the working principle of the automatic pig feeding line?

- Jun 18, 2019-

The automatic feed system for pig feed lines is a necessary equipment for pigs on a large scale farm and a trend for pigs in the future.

Many new farms have also installed automated feeding systems. In order to better use the equipment and reduce the failure rate, let's take a look at the detailed instructions.

Instructions for using the automated feeding system of the farm:

1. Ensure that the material line is flat, the tray is tightly connected, and there is no foreign matter in the hopper.

2. Check if the power connection is normal, turn on the air to check the steering, and the terminal device is normal.

3 Select the manual start device: feed until the last chute is full or press the stop button to stop the device. The feed is used up and no longer starts.

4. Select the automatic start device: adjust the control box button to automatic, then feed until the last trough is full and the device stops working. At the end of the pig feed line, after controlling the food tank for about 3 minutes, click on the automatic drive feed, so that the cycle is repeated (to ensure sufficient feed of the hopper).

5. When re-using the device, first check whether the power line is intact or not damaged, and then run it after no problem.