What kind of chicken is the nipple fountain used for?

- Jun 12, 2018-


Chicken drinking fountains have nipples, cups, towers, troughs, different drinking fountains for different chickens, nipple drinking fountains for what kind of chicken?

Nipple type drinking fountains have different valve opening forces, which are different for different chickens. For example, the valve opening force is about 40 grams, which is suitable for adult chickens; the valve opening force is about 10 grams, and chicks and chickens can be used.

In addition, the use of nipple drinking fountains should also pay attention to the choice of product quality, choose to pay special attention to the nipple drinker seal, check whether it leaks.

Additional knowledge: installation and use of floating-head waterers

There are two ways to install the nipple drinker, one is above the cage; the other is the front of the cage, above the trough. In the front of the cage, the drop of water in the trough can ensure that the chicken dries dry and the maintenance is convenient, but the feed under the drinker is wetted. The installation of nipple drinkers must be standardized, otherwise it will easily cause problems such as uneven water supply. After installing the nipple drinker, the water should be supplied immediately. The reason is that the drinker has just been installed and the chicken feels fresh. When the chicken is licked, the water will come out and it will form a conditional reflex. When it is thirsty, it will go. If the water is not supplied in time, the chicken will not be able to feed anything. In addition, drinking water can not be used within 20 days after the chicken is cut off.