What kinds of chicken cages are there?

- Aug 17, 2018-

As one of the key components of chicken feeding equipment, chicken cages require different types of cages at all stages of the chicken. Chicken raising should also be based on the age of the chicken. Such as laying hen cages, brooding facilities, and broiled chicken cages.

Laying hen cage: The cage is a bracket that bears the cage and consists of a beam and a diagonal bracing. The cage is made of cold drawn steel wire, including low net, top net, front net, net and cage door. Generally, the front net and the top net are pressed together, and the rear net and the low net are pressed together. The net is a single piece net, and the cage door is used as a part of the front net or the top net, and some can be removed, and some can be turned up. The bottom net of the cage should have a certain slope, generally 6 to 10 degrees, extending 12 to 16 cm outside the cage to form an egg collection box. The accessory equipment eggshell is a galvanized thin iron sheet placed in front of the cage, and the chicken head can be extended out of the cage for food.

Breeding chicken cages: It is the young chicken cage we are talking about, mainly used for young hens, usually group feeding. The cage combination method adopts 3 to 4 layers of semi-stepped or single-layer flat type. The cage consists of the front net, the rear net, the top net, the bottom net and the net; each large cage is divided into 2~3 small cages of different sizes, the cage height is 30-35 cm, and the depth is 45-50 cm. The length of the large cage is generally no more than 2 meters.

At the same time, corresponding brooding facilities should be set up in the chicken cage, such as drinking fountains, cleaning tools, insulation equipment, buckets, drums, disinfection equipment, feeding troughs, brooms, thermometers and hygrometers and drinking fountains. At the same time, the corresponding equipment should be added in the chicken cage according to the actual situation.