Whether the water bowl is saved by a pig

- Mar 12, 2018-

Duckbill type water dispenser, the most common. The installation of the water fountain angle level and 45 ~ two, with the height of pig weight varies, drinking water should be installed in the area away from the Rest Area defecation in pigs. Regularly check water dispenser working condition, remove dirt, adjusting and fastening screws, find fault and replacement parts.

When nipple drinking water is installed and nipple type drinking water is installed, it should generally make it 45 degree to 75 degree inclination to the ground, and the height to the ground is 25 to 30cm for the piglets. The growth pig (3~6 months old) is 50 to 60cm, and the adult pig is 75 to 85CM.

Cup type pig drinking device, more expensive, if their pigs less use duckbill type can be.