Which kind of drinking fountain is good for fattening pigs?

- May 29, 2019-

When young piglets start drinking water, they can increase feed intake to promote growth. In general, growing pigs consume three times as much water as their dry feed. 

Lactating sows drink at least 20 liters a day. If the sow has difficulty standing, feed intake is reduced, constipation, and breastfeeding cannot be carried out on the side of the sow, it means that the sow has insufficient drinking water and should be paid attention to.


How to choose the right drinking equipment?

When selecting drinking water equipment, pig farms should consider the environment, pig house conditions, temperature, feed and pig body weight. 

It is recommended to have a nipple, and use a nipple because the nipple does not produce water when the pig does not drink water. Unlike open drinking bowls, it avoids pollution. 

In the summer, the temperature of the drinking water should be below 20 °C, and the number of drinking nipples in each column should be sufficient. 

In order to prevent the drinking nipple from being occupied by a pig for a long time, at least two drinking nipples should be installed in each shed.

Different types of drinking nipples can be selected, and commonly used are duckbill, nipple and cup. The duckbill and cup drinkers should be installed vertically and at a low height. 

The nipple drinker should be tilted during installation, maintaining an angle of 15-45 degrees, depending on the height of the pig.