Why change feed for pigs needs a transition?

- Jun 15, 2018-


Pigs are very sensitive to feed flavor, taste, etc. Once they become familiar with a feed, suddenly changing to a different feed will inevitably produce a certain degree of discomfort.

In simple terms, changing feed for pigs is also a stress for pigs. If there is not a transitional adaptation process, simply change the feed directly and roughly, the impact can be as large as small, small to reduce feed intake, and weight as intestinal discomfort. Induced diarrhea and so on, especially piglet refueling.

In general, when reloading, the period is 4 days. The first day is based on old materials, and the new material is added at a ratio of about 1/4. After that, the new material is increased by 1/4 every day. After 4 days, it can be completely replaced.

Because different growth stages of pigs require different nutrients, such as suckling pigs to weaning, weaned pigs to growing pigs, and finishing pigs, at least three refuellings are required, especially during weaning and restocking, due to piglet stomach. Intestinal development has not been perfected, and the growth environment after weaning has undergone major changes. The stress on piglets is greater and the refueling needs more attention.

In general, it is best not to change the feed frequently during the same growth phase, and try to avoid refueling stress.