Why do you need to use modern pig equipment?

- Sep 24, 2019-

Why use modern pig equipment?

With the continuous development of green concepts, people's requirements for the consumption of pork are constantly improving, and modern pig-raising equipment will follow. So why do we use modern pig-raising equipment, and what are the advantages of modern pig-making equipment?

First, modern pig equipment is synergistically fermented by bacteria and wood chips, peanut shells, straw powder, waste, rice husks and other litter. The proliferation of bacteria will enter the fermentation pig bed, bedding, urine and fecal litter adsorption, Timely strains, enough feces, urine breakdown and transformation.

Second, modern pig equipment eliminates the effects of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, strontium, odorous substances, volatile amines, volatile fatty acids and other malodorous gases on pigs, causing large areas of pig bed temperature, high temperature killing pig bed pests and specific The metabolites of the strain can inhibit the harmful growth of pathogenic microorganisms and pests, creating a more comfortable pig environment.

Third, to minimize the risk of naturally occurring diseases. Not only breakthroughs, but also a useful material synthesis, the metabolites of its main nutrients, can provide food sources, for the growth of pigs and their secondary metabolites are mostly harmless physiologically active substances, in addition to the pig bed ecological working environment, pigs Growth has a certain promoting effect.