Cattle With Drinking Bowl Structure Composition

- Mar 12, 2018-

The cow drinking bowl consists of a bowl, a cow with a drinker, a tongue plate, a plug, a screw, and a nut.

1. The material of the bowl is cast iron;

2, cattle drinking fountains made of brass, brass wear resistance is very good. The water dispenser contains a shell, top rod, seals, springs, glands, or spring mounts. The spring steel wire in the drinking fountain shall not be less than 1.1mm. After the drinking fountain is installed, the water pressure test must be carried out. The test value must be between 2.5KG and 4.5KG. The drinking fountain should not be subject to water leakage and splashing.

3, the tongue plate material is stainless steel, net weight is about 119 --- 121g;

4. The material of the plug is a new material, with threads, and also with four sides, easy to rotate and install.

5, screw material is stainless steel, screw is double-headed thread. The material of the nut is 304 stainless steel. The nut is a cover nut.

6, cast iron drinking bowl for cows, bulls, beef cattle, horses, quail and other farms.