Common Problems Of Pig Water Dispenser

- Mar 12, 2018-

Now there are a wide variety of drinking water dispensers in the market, and the manufacturers stand up, but the pig water dispenser itself has the following problems to be solved urgently.

Water leakage.

The problem of water leakage is a common problem of pig drinker, which includes the quality of drinking water itself, and the problem of water leakage caused by poor environment and poor water quality.

The amount of water is small.

In contrast to the leakage of water, many users generally reflect that the water supply is too small and the drinking water is not enough. The national standard is 2 standard water pressure, and the amount of water should be more than 2 litres per minute. Many manufacturers do not test it at all to reduce costs.

Drinking water stress.

The water outlet pressure is too big, easy to make water splash out, the pig to form drinking water stress, serious will cause the pig stress death.