Danish Pig Farmers Look Forward To Getting On The Belt And Road Express

- Jun 12, 2018-

Denmark is Europe's "agricultural kingdom." Denmark's exports linked to agriculture account for a quarter of its merchandise exports, while pork products account for half of agricultural exports. In recent years, with the warming of global organic agriculture, Denmark has vigorously developed organic pig breeding.

Nils Schold Jensen runs a larger organic pig farm on the western Jutland Peninsula in Denmark. The endless green farms are dotted with neat pig houses. Groups of pink pigs freely eat and play around the sow in the blue sky and green space.

Hearing China’s “Belt and Road” initiative and the business opportunities that may arise from China-EU classes, Jensen’s face has a bright smile. He said that Danish organic pork production complies with strict standards and hopes to be enjoyed by Chinese consumers.

Henrik Bieleman, chief executive of Flanders, which specializes in the sale of organic pork, told reporters that China and the European countries will definitely bring the Danish market closer to China.

“At present, we are mainly exporting pork products to China by sea. Of course, if the transportation linking the two continents is replaced by railways, the transportation time will be greatly shortened. The freshest pork products will be provided to the Chinese market in the shortest possible time. There is no advantage," Bieleman said. "Denmark's conventional pork shipments to China through the China Europe Class are undergoing trial shipments. It is expected that organic pork will be shipped to China through this channel in the future. China-EU Bangli connects our markets. It will make our trade cooperation closer."

"I am full of confidence in the Chinese market. China's market continues to expand, and our pork product market will also expand." He said.

The "Food Country" is a national outreach agency jointly established by the Danish government, related industry organizations and enterprises. The agency’s chief executive Lisse Valbohm told reporters that the construction of “One Belt and One Road” will help more Danish food into China. "Our responsibility is to establish a communication channel between Dan and China to allow Chinese consumers to better understand Danish agricultural products and foods, and increase the attractiveness of Danish products in the Chinese market."