Four Reasons To Choose Pig Drinking Water Nipples - Characteristics Of Pig Drinking Nipples

- Sep 07, 2018-

First, low water saving

When the pig's mouth hits the valve stem, the water will automatically flow out and will automatically close when leaving. Not only saves water resources, but also reduces labor.

Second, safety and health

The automatic drinking water nipple is automatic and reliable. When drinking water, the pig only puts the drinking nipple into the mouth, thus reducing the waste of water and preventing the water from dripping, thus avoiding the bacteria caused by the wet pig house.

Third, prevent disease

Compared with the old-fashioned drinking water tank, the automatic drinking nipple is safer, and the method of drinking water at any time is used to prevent the occurrence of bacterial diseases and ensure the hygiene of the pig house.

Fourth, the structural template

The drinking nipple is composed of a nipple body, a valve stem, a rubber pad and a spring. The structure is simple, easy to use and easy to maintain. Suitable for all kinds of pig houses.

Pig nipple drinker