French Family Farm PSY Can Reach 29.5, These Details Of Breeding Boars Are Very Important!

- Jul 30, 2018-

On July 21st, at the Jiangxi Pig Industry Expo in 2018, Andrei, director of the Asia-Pacific region of Gene Diffusion in France, introduced the medium-sized pig farm sows with a total size of 220, which is expensive and has a daily wage of 37.5 euros, so the mechanization is relatively high. Family members are also involved in management, and family farms are at a higher level. The number of litters per litter in single litters was 14.6, that in single-headed sows was 11.8, and that in single-headed sows was 29.5. Andrea Andre, Director of Asia Pacific, Gene Diffusion (hereinafter referred to as GD), France, shares details about boar farming and boar station operations.

First, from France to serve the world, this breeding company is not simple

Some friends in the breeding industry may be somewhat unfamiliar with GD. This is a company from France that deals with multi-species genetic breeding, artificial insemination and many other businesses. The main business is divided into three sections, for the bulls, with genetic breeding, breeding, and manual breeding; the pig sector has semen production, technology and consumables through the platform; other animals such as horses and rabbits are also involved.


Second, the boar station should pay special attention to the construction of the pig house.

Nearly 1 million sows in France receive artificial insemination, and 1250 semen can be sold in single-headed boars. This shows the importance of the quality of boars, and the quality of semen is easily affected by many factors, so I want to raise a good public. Pigs and the establishment of excellent boar stations are not a simple matter. Let's take a look at the experience and skills of GD.

The more used in France is fresh, the trend is to use the mixture, the semen of 3-5 boars will be mixed together, provided that the boars are negative. Semen transportation requires full cold chain and same day delivery to ensure vitality. GD currently has 41 varieties of 1,350 boars, and the boar station uses air filtration equipment and q-PCR to detect blue ear, which guarantees the quality of semen sold.

Andrei suggested that the breeding company must consider the following issues before establishing a boar station:

1. Positioning should be clear, considering the scale and site selection, to understand who the target customers are, whether they use them for themselves or for customers, how much semen is planned to be produced and sold, which breeds of boars need to be raised, etc.;

2. Pay attention to bio-safety and build fences around to prevent unauthorized people and animals from entering.

3. Do a good job of disinfection to ensure that pigs will not be in direct contact with the external environment; isolation work should not be neglected, and isolation work can be done well to obtain quality boars.

4. The pig house design must also work hard.

Andre detailed the details of the pig house, including the following aspects:

1. Consider the structure of the pig house, choose the slatted floor or use the litter according to the needs;

2. Control the temperature to prevent high temperature from affecting the quality of the sperm;

3. Guarantee animal welfare and ensure adequate living space for boars;

4. Pay attention to the choice of feeding system, consider using dry or wet materials, and regularly check for mycotoxins;

5. The pig's aisle should be relatively narrow to ensure the safety of the staff;

6. It is convenient to collect the essence. Generally, the address of the collection is designed in the middle of the pig house, which can save time and improve efficiency;

7. Pay attention to the sanitary problems in the work of collecting fines, the water quality will directly affect the quality of semen, and GD adopts the water treatment system;

8. Establish a laboratory of the right size.