How To Choose A Pig's Nipple Drinking Water Device

- Mar 12, 2018-

Nipple drinker is a kind of pig drinker. Now there are many manufacturers that produce this product. The production methods and equipment are different, and the quality of products is also different. Therefore, when choosing nipple drinker, we should pay attention to the following aspects.

1. to choose the opening valve of the water dispenser according to the size of the pig, the small pig is used, the big pig is big.

2. to select the regular, tracking service manufacturers produced water dispenser;

3. check the sealing pad in the water dispenser. The quality of the sealing pad is related to the quality of the water dispenser.  When checking the seal, you can use a match or a lighter to bake it. If the surface is sticky, it can't be used.

When the nipple type water dispenser is installed, it is necessary to follow the requirements, otherwise the water supply will be uneven. After installation, it is necessary to supply water immediately, because the pig will be touched by fresh water because of the drinking water on the rigid installation. If the water is out of touch, the pig will know that it will suck after thirsty. If there is no water for the first time, it will not have such a conditioned reflex.