IDEXX Launches New Real-time PCR Software For Rapid And Effective Detection Of Animal Diseases

- Jul 06, 2018-

During the 25th International Pig Disease Conference (IPVS 2018), IDEXX Laboratories. Inc. Real-time Fluorescence Quantitative PCR New Products in China was launched in Chongqing to Chinese users.


Dr. Silvia Zimmerman, IDEXX Business and Marketing Manager, said that the IDEXX RealPCR modular platform is one of the most important diagnostic innovations in the veterinary industry over the past 30 years and is an important tool for the fastest and most effective detection of diseases on the market. It quickly and accurately detects pathogens from a selection of disease samples, nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) extraction, DNA/RNA amplification, and interpretation of PCR curves to help veterinarians make accurate decisions. At the same time, it has established a modular platform. There are many common reagents in the whole detection process. It can detect several diseases on one reaction plate, improve the detection throughput of the laboratory, and save manpower and material costs. In addition, it provides a sophisticated quality control monitoring method to help the laboratory maximize environmental pollution.

Participants were very concerned about IDEXX's new products. How to use the RealPCR platform to extract DNA/RNA to obtain templates. Using RealPCR platform to detect serum and tonsils is easier to obtain good real-time detection of PRRS virus results and how to avoid PCR experiments. Professional issues such as environmental pollution in the room were discussed in depth.


It is understood that IDEXX was established in 1984 and listed on NASDAQ in 1991. It is an international company that develops, produces and sells animal disease detection products and provides corresponding services. Since its establishment, the company has gradually become the world leader in animal diagnostic reagents with its high quality products and perfect after-sales technical services.

n 1986, IDEXX launched the first ELISA kit for pig products, the pseudorabies g1 antibody detection kit, which was subsequently applied to the US Pseudorabies National Removal Program to help field veterinarians detect pseudorabies infections and clear diseases faster. At the beginning of the discovery of the mysterious disease of PRRS, IDEXX also responded quickly and developed a highly sensitive and specific PRRS antibody detection kit. It was rated as the “gold standard” for PRRS antibody detection by Pig Science and the only one. USDA-certified PRRS antibody test kit.

In 2017, IDEXX achieved revenue of $1.97 billion, of which 93% came from animal diagnostic products. Globally, the company invests more than $100 million annually in the issuance of new products.

Yan Weiqiang, vice president of IDEXX, said that the product launch is only a new beginning. Later, IDEXX will launch more products and equipment to provide the latest, best and most advanced diagnostic tools for veterinarians in China and around the world.