In Order To Lower The Price Of Chicken And Eggs, The Indonesian Government Is Preparing To Intervene In The Market

- Aug 02, 2018-

The Indonesian government, through the Ministry of Trade, prepares measures to intervene in the market when necessary, and strives to lower the price of yam ras and eggs in stages in the near future.

Trade Minister Enggartiasto Lukita said that in order to lower the price of chickens that have reached 39,100 rupiah per kilogram in most parts of the country, and the price of eggs reached 27,200 dong per kilogram, trade The Ministry is preparing some short-term steps.

He told reporters in Jakarta: "We agree to provide a one-week period so that prices can fall in stages. If the price does not fall, we will be prepared to intervene in the market."

We will take some short-term steps, which require large distributors to directly sell their egg reserves in the market, while the medium-term step is to obtain valid data from the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Trade will prepare the first generation of raw chickens for importing the domestic market. (Grand Parent) road map.

“The above data will be the basis for the government to take steps to ensure that the supply of eggs is sufficient and that its prices are stable,” he said.

The rise in the price of chicken and eggs is due to the inability of existing egg supply to meet extremely high demand. The high demand for eggs is due to a variety of prominent events, such as school holidays and the excitement of the World Cup.

At the same time, the low supply of eggs is due to factors such as obstruction of the production process, sudden changes in the climate, and the strong exchange rate of the US dollar, which affects the price of imported components, resulting in expensive feed prices.

In order to make chickens healthier and reduce the amount of medication, especially the antibiotic drug content, it is clear that the risk of dead chickens is greater. These factors have led to an increase in the price of chicken and eggs.

“But the Ministry of Trade and relevant stakeholders are striving to provide the best solutions so that the public can afford to buy the price of chicken and eggs,” he said.

In order to reduce the price of chicken and eggs, the government met with animal husbandry and entrepreneurs to work with livestock and entrepreneurs to lower the price of chicken and eggs.

The Trade Minister called on entrepreneurs not to take advantage of the opportunity to profit, and asked them and distributors to limit their profits while registering their distribution business.