In Order To Protect The Rainforest, Brazil’s Cattle Industry Has Undergone A Technological Transformation

- Jun 12, 2018-

The Brazilian cattle industry is the scourge of the Amazon rainforest. In order to prevent the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, some cattle farmers have begun to use technology to develop technologies that can take into account both environmental protection and increased production capacity.

According to the report of Brazil’s “São Paulo newspaper” on the 2nd, with the improvement of farmers’ environmental awareness, they will now raise cattle through sustainable farming techniques such as fertilizing grass, establishing feedlots, and feeding different livestock alternately. In addition, they also hang electronic earrings on each of their ears to weigh them regularly, and they often need to analyze the properties of the soil to determine the nutrients the soil needs.

According to reports, the Brazilian government’s official statistics show that in the Amazonian rainforest, nearly 60,000 businesses have joined the ranks of sustainable cattle breeding in the past 10 years, but an estimated 330,000 businesses have yet to participate. Last year, these cattle-raising companies eradicated the rainforest in the same area as the United States. Many companies complain that they do not want to make the transition, but they cannot afford the high costs incurred.