Matters Of Attention To Poultry Transportation

- Mar 12, 2018-

Choose a good means of transportation. When the destination is far away and the transport volume is large, it can be transported by cars. Using the special transport cage of iron transport coop factory, the bottom of the cage for clean straw, in order to reduce the effect of vibration on poultry; between the cage and the cage with a soft wire tension fixed, can prevent the damage of poultry cage tipping on the way.

Do a good job in transportation quarantine. Before the transportation of poultry, it is necessary to go to the animal health administration department of the locality to carry out the quarantine before the incident, and do a good job of self inspection, in order to prevent and spread the epidemic disease. The transportation of poultry, poor environment, disease resistance will decrease professional production of iron transport cages, more susceptible to infections of iron transport cage production, and soon spread to the whole group, may also infect poultry transport through the iron transport cages, therefore, must have the good luck transport and quarantine, timely detection and elimination and harmless treatment of dead poultry.