Smart Device Manufacturing Faces New Challenges In Integrating Healthy Poultry Farming

- Jun 12, 2018-

From IBM, the giant of the information industry (IT), to Smart Planet in New York City in 2008 to launch Smart City in 2010, and later related industries proposed smart economy, smart finance, smart industry, smart agriculture, and smart farms. , wisdom chicken, wisdom food, smart clothing, smart life and so on. In the same way, the concept of “wisdom” is gradually interpreted and applied to all walks of life and given various meanings. Especially in China, some people have tried to increase it to the "Wisdom" of the philosophical level.

Even so, regardless of the reference to smart city, smart life, wisdom farm, wisdom chicken, "smart manufacturing" and "independent innovation" are two indispensable driving factors. The former emphasizes Internet of Things, cloud computing, and mobile Internet as On behalf of the new generation of information technology, the latter emphasizes the innovation ecology that gradually breeds and opens under the knowledge society environment.

However, depending on the level of industry or business development, the path of advancement varies. Judging from the current global poultry industry and corporate development, although the opportunities are superimposed on the road of “smart chicken”, the challenges from healthy breeding, animal welfare, and food safety are even more complicated and urgent, while China is also facing reliable big data collection. Difficulties and other challenges related to the construction of supporting service facilities.