Thai Pork Prices Are Sluggish And Expect China To Help. What Do You Think?

- Jun 19, 2018-

The Thailand Daily reported on June 17 that increasing the export intensity to the Chinese market was one of the important considerations for the Thai government to resolve its domestic pork price slump. What can be done is to issue slaughter guidance prices to quell all grievances. At the same time, reduce the number of sows and promote new balance between supply and demand.

Due to the lower year-on-year demand for domestic pork in Thailand, coupled with excess supply, the price of pork in Thailand continued to decline.


Although the current price of pork in Thailand is not the same, pork prices in places with higher demand are generally kept at more than 60 baht per kilogram (about 11 yuan per kilogram), and where demand is low, the purchase price is as low as 55 baht. (about 10 yuan) per kilogram.

It can be said that the sluggish domestic pork price in Thailand has been going on for about a year.

In addition to the introduction of guidance prices by the Thai government, there is a new balance between supply and demand through the reduction of pig supply. For example, the number of slaughter sows reduced from the previous 7 to 6 times. That is, after finishing the 6th production, the sows must be slaughtered.

As for the implementation of the middle price, if the price of pork in the region is above the guide price, it may not be implemented in accordance with the regulations, and market rules shall be followed. However, if the price is lower than the average price, it will be carried out according to the guide price, that is, 60 baht per kilogram, or about 10 yuan.

In addition, the Ministry of Animal Husbandry will also discuss with neighboring countries related departments to increase the possibility of pork exports. Especially in China, the demand for pork is very strong. And this is another solution to the problem of low domestic pork prices in Thailand.

What do you think of it?