Dry Nursery Feeder For Pig

Dry Nursery Feeder For Pig

Stainless steel nursery feeder for pigs. Optimal for hogs ranging from 10 to 300 lb.

Product Details


Automatic stainless steel dry nursery feeder for pigs. Wean-to-Finish feeders are optimal for pigs ranging from 5 to 136Kg, fattening feeders are optimal for pigs ranging from 23 to 136kg ( 10-300 lbs ).



Product description

Product number

Product material

Product size ( L x W x H )


Double 12 spaces


Stainless steel

2291 x 550 x 800mm

360 liters

Double 10 spaces


Stainless steel

1909 x 550 x 800mm

300 liters

Double 8 spaces


Stainless steel

1528 x 550 x 800mm

240 liters
Double 6 spaces132114Stainless steel1146 x 550 x 800mm180 liters
Double 4 spaces132115Stainless steel765 x 550 x 800mm120 liters


● Made of high quality stainless steel and manufactured using a welding process.

● The solid dividers design helps to improve feeding efficiency and reduce feed waste.

● The base is designed with a cleaning water outlet for easy cleaning.

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