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Red Anti-peck glasses, poultry farm equipment tool. The large size is suitable for chickens weighing between 2.25 kg and 3.25 kg. The small size is suitable for chickens from 0.5 kg to 2.25 kg.



Product number

Product material


Product size ( L x W )




55 x 25mm

432522PlasticRed70 x 29mm


● Made of polyethylene material, non-toxic, ensuring the health of the chicken.

● Prevent the damage caused by chicken fights and ensure the growth of the chicken.

● 1000 pieces of glasses per packaging bag.


(1), Fix the chicken. First use a toothpick or a fine metal needle to firmly puncture and penetrate the chicken's nostrils. (The chicken's nostrils have cartilage that must be pierced, otherwise the plastic insert is difficult to pass through. There will be a small amount of bleeding, can be wiped with alcohol cotton, does not affect the health of the chicken).

(2), The left hand grabs the protruding part of the chicken glasses upwards, the plastic insert is inserted into the right hole of the chicken glasses and then aligned with the chicken nostrils, the right hand is forced through the chicken nostrils, and finally the left hole of the lens is inserted, and the whole installation process is finished.

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