Poultry Hand Winch

Poultry Hand Winch

Description: Load capacity from 600LBS to 3000LBS. Zinc plated. With steel wire rope and hook.
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Load capacity from 600LBS to 3000LBS. Zinc plated. With steel wire rope and hook.



Product description

Product number

Product size ( L x W x H )

Product weight

600LBS Hand winch431411
150 x 85 x 120mm2.4KG
800LBS Hnad winch431412150 x 85 x 120mm2.5KG
1000LBS Hand winch431413183 x 90 x 151mm
1200LBS Hand winch431414183 x 90 x 151mm3.3KG
1400LBS Hand winch431415204 x 100 x 178mm3.6KG
1600LBS Hand winch431416204 x 100 x 178mm
1800LBS Hand winch431417245 x 100 x 180mm4.2KG
2000LBS Hand winch431418245 x 100 x 180mm4.5KG
2500LBS Hand winch
431419245 x 100 x 183mm
3000LBS Hand winch431420250 x 100 x 185mm5.6KG


● Hardened steel gears.

● Heavy gauge zinc plated steel frame, corrosion resistance.

● Large handle for leverage.